English Pressed Glass 1870 - 1900

Most of the glass in this collection comes from this, the late Victorian period.


I have been collecting pressed glass, on and off, for nearly 40 years. As can be seen my main interest lies with the Sowerby factory, but I also collect 'classic' pieces from other the other manufacturers.


In the 1980s three books were published, English 19th Century Press-Moulded Glass by Colin Lattimore, The Peacock and the Lions by Sheilagh Murray and English Pressed Glass 1830-1900 by Raymond Slack. These spurred an interest in this kind of glass, and subsequently pushed up prices. The good news is that prices today are about the same, and in a lot of cases a good deal less, than in the 1980s so now may be a good time to start collecting this glass again.

If you are interested in this type of glass, I would advise trying to find these books and others I have listed in the 'Books' page.



I collect and research Victorian coloured pressed glass and occasionally write items about pressed glass on this site. Therefore I am always interested in acquiring any items relating to the pressed glass industry from this period, particularly any ephemera, documents, pictures or pattern books with particular interest in the Sowerby factory and John George Sowerby.


I also buy glass, as a collector not a dealer. I particularly like the small, preferably coloured, pieces by Sowerby, dating between 1875 and 1885. Please see examples in galleries or pattern books on this website.


If you have any of items for sale, especially any of the items below, I would be very interested to hear from you.


Sowerby Nursery Rhyme

Looking for these 2 patterns in a plain colour


Other Sowerby

Sowerby nugget glass, any pattern


Sowerby 'Venetian' glass, any pattern


Sowerby 'Marble' glass, any pattern


Pieces should be in good condition with no chips or cracks, unless very rare.


If you have anything that you think might be of interest that you may like to sell, please use the CONTACT page to get in touch.


Conversely, if you have any queries about this kind of glass, I will see if I can help, again, please use the CONTACT page to get in touch.


Website Disclaimer

As part of collecting glass over the years I also have an archive of images from various sites on the internet.
Most of the images that appear on this wesite are from my glass collection.
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Many thanks, Mike Tomlin